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Why would I buy snow tires?

Snow tires are the best way to improve winter traction, braking, and handling. All season tires do a good job in spring, summer, and fall but a dedicated snow tire is going to be best for winter. If you want the optimum winter traction, braking, and handling you need to consider purchasing snow tires. Though getting your vehicle moving and driving in snow is important steering and stopping are equally important. Some of these can be increased greatly with snow tires over all season tires not only because of different tread patterns and siping but also the different compounds used to build the snow tire. There are some things to think about when considering using snow tires; they do wear quicker in warmer months so they shouldn’t be installed until the middle of November and removed by the middle of May. Many customers choose to purchase winter wheels for their snow tires which makes spring and fall change overs easier and also helps preserve the expensive alloy wheels found on most cars and trucks today. Though there is an up front investment you will have two sets of tires and will not have to purchase tires as frequently. If you decide to purchase winter tires you have the best option for winter travel and won’t regret the decision that you made for you and your passengers.

closeup of car winter tire